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Eastman Insurance Solutions
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We’re an independent insurance agency in Vacaville, California.
Trusted by thousands of individuals & business owners.

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Wow... Where do I start? Shane saved my family and I over $1,000+ a year on our home and car insurance! In addition to getting us an umbrella policy! Since being a member of the Eastman Insurance family, they taken great care of me from emails to personal phone calls when I forgot to update my billing (new debit card). Honest, impeccable integrity and go the extra mile. Recently, I had a family member that recently immigrated from South Korea. They purchased a new vehicle and due to the lack of having a California license for an extended period of time, they we're referred elsewhere. They could have easily told us the amount and we would have went with them, but they were honest and even assisted them. I wish I could give Mr Eastman and the EIS Team 6 STARS!! It's obvious why they are #1!!! - Otha Livingston

Shane and the entire team at Eastman insurance have been incredibly helpful navigating the 'fun' world of insurance. Having just filed my first claim with my insurance co, I sincerely appreciate the patience, understanding, and professionalism extended by the team during less-than-ideal and emotional circumstances. From the accident itself to the claims process, the number of parties involved, the expense, and the time lent to vehicle repairs, it's incredibly disruptive and stressful and the last place anyone prefers to be. That said, it helps to know you have a company - and team - on your side - Jennifer Goode

Eastman Insurance saved us ~40% on our General Liability insurance! The insurance company we were with could not get our billing correct, had terrible customer service and always had issues with getting the correct verbiage on COI for our customers. Shane and his team provides us with a no-hassle billing setup, excellent customer service (timely response), and COI's are correct the first time! But what's amazing is the significant savings for the same coverage with a reliable insurance carrier for our specific industry. Thank you, Shane! -Knock 'Em Out Pest Control, Inc. - Maryjane Panaganan

Insurance is awesome. Shane and his team have saved us hundreds if not thousands of dollars over the last few years working with Shane.
If you're looking for someone that has your best interest in mind, willing to work hard to earn your business, and with higher character, give EIS a shot and I promise they won't let you down. - Alejandro Reyes

Eastman Insurance Solutions is my choice for ALL our insurance needs. If you are unsure of exactly what you need or maybe the insurance business is not your expertise-Well let me tell you that you are in the best hands here because Shane and the staff will answer all your questions and then leave you with something to thing about! If you've ever called your insurance agent and only received there voicemail and had to call that not so helpful 800 line it can be very frustrating but our agent was happy to meet us on our schedule and that happen to be at 7pm; so if you work 8-5 and can not make it to sign those important papers-they will come to you!!! Now that is customer service at it's best!!! Thank you EIS for saving me almost 1000 dollars a year!!! - Juanita Espinosa

Shane went out of his way to provide me with amazing and amazingly personal service. He found me the best deals, and when renewing came around and I added a brand new car, he searched around and found me another great deal. I came from an insurance agent who I hadn't talked to in 8+ years, never called me to see how I was, never looked for better deals for me. Shane and team make me feel like part of the family. - Curtis Calhoun

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